A place to connect with other tai chi groups

which practice the same form of master Moy



Raise public awareness of the benefits of Tai Chi and Lokhupbafa

Train volunteer instructors to teach Tai Chi, focusing on seniors to help alleviate their suffering

Provide technical, financial and moral support to former students of Master Moy so that they can once again help others by teaching Tai Chi and Lokhupbafa

The last statement is especially important to us, since an increase in the number of teachers will increase the number of people benefiting from Tai Chi ten to twenty-fold. This way we can move toward realizing Master Moy’s Vision more effectively.

IATLA welcomes all former students of Master Moy Lin-Shin to join.

Together we can achieve a better understanding of his teachings.

Welcome new members who jointed IATLA in 2016, 

Tai Chi by the Sea NL

Tai Chi Brussels

Warsaw Academy Tai Chi and Lok Hup

Welcome new members who jointed IATLA in 2017,

Deutsche TaiChi Akademie

Academia de Tai Chi - Mexico