This Tai Chi Form is based on the traditional Yang style 108-move set, modified by our late Sifu, Moy Lin-Shin. Master Moy adapted the set by adding more turning and stretching to open up the students joints and massage the internal organs. Master Moy also borrowed from the internal arts: Lokhupbafa, XingYi and BaGua and added elements of Taoist and Buddhist Qigong practices to modify this Tai Chi Form. This Tai chi Form has been recognized the best tai chi form for health in the western world.

Tai Chi for your Health

Tai Chi is a complete whole-body exercise. Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with no need for special gear or a change of clothing. Practiced by millions of people over the centuries, Tai Chi has been proven helpful to the health of the body.

The benefits of Tai Chi 

for body and mind - Regular Tai Chi practice has been found to help reverse the physical effects of stress as well as restore harmony both physically and mentally.

some of the physical benefits - Improved flexibility, balance, immune function, cardiovascular function and motor coordination. Reduction in pain and tension. Better sleep patterns and increased energy.

some of the mental benefits - Reduced stress and anxiety, increased ability to relax, better concentration and focus, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Tai Chi and Health

health maintenance - If you want to practice Tai Chi to maintain your health, come to our class regularly once a week. Your present health will be maintained. Your hands and feet will be warmer. You will find that your sleeping is deeper and more restful. So don't skip a class, even if you feel tired and run down. You'll feel more energy after the class, so you won't regret it.

health improvement - If you want to practice Tai Chi to improve your health, come to our class regularly and practice at home two or three times a week. You will have more energy and sharper mind than before. Your joints are more flexible (A state of being younger). You will have better appetite and sleep better.

health recovery - If you want to practice Tai Chi to recover your health, come to our class regularly and practice every day for an hour or more. You will find that your pain will lessen. You will feel lighter and happier. Come to class regularly in any case. At first, you will need guidance to learn the postures and movements, then you will need guidance to refine the movements. After a while, you will be surprised how much it helps your health, both physical and mental.

Tai Chi as an Exercise

Natural Rejuvenation - Tai Chi exercise allows the body to rejuvenate itself naturally. During Tai Chi practice, the muscles and tendons are alternately stretching and relaxing. That makes them flexible and the joints become looser. During the stretching and relaxing, blood in the veins is being squeezed back to the heart. The blood in the artery flows easier and fuller; and the looser joints will let the blood flow through without impediment. With good circulation, the body will heal and rejuvenate itself naturally. More than blood circulation is improved: the lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems run better as well.

One of the reasons that people feel so good when they are doing Tai Chi is that the movements are relaxing, even at the beginner level. This is because the nature of the movements tends to naturally stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a gentle manner.

Many other activities give the benefits of stretching, but none do it exactly like Tai Chi because in Tai Chi, stretching involves the entire body, not just arms or limbs or other segments. The more a practitioner can connect the whole body in his or her practice, the more relaxation can be implemented.

A Staged Approach - Our Academies teach a system that is very effective for understanding the fundamentals of Tai Chi. Beginners will quickly benefit from the form in a short period of time. After easily learning to move the body with balance and utilizing proper structure, the form is taught again from the beginning, but in more detail, refining the patterns and methods common to all the moves. At this stage, the instruction is meant to help the student relax more deeply into the body's internal structure, as well as open the joints and ligaments to allow circulation and energy to flow more freely. As the students progress, the instruction becomes more personal and individual, with each student given the instruction that he or she needs at the time.